Gary Richrath

1971 - 1990

  • Lead Guitar
  • Backing Vocals
  • Occasional Lead Vocals

Gary was a founder member of REO Speedwagon, providing much of the driving force that kept the band going on the route to stardom. With Kevin, he took over production of the band in 1977, and he also wrote many of the band's most memorable songs, including Golden Country from 1972, Only the Strong Survive from 1979 and Take It On the Run from 1981.

Gary has sung on several REO songs, including Find My Fortune from 1973 and (Only A) Summer Love from 1976.

To get a good idea of his playing style, check out his solo guitar track from Live - You Get What You Play For

Gary left REO in 1990, and will be sorely missed by everyone who'd come to love his original and innovative style. After leaving the band, Gary released a solo album called Only the Strong Survive in 1992 under the name Richrath

Picture: Bill Parsons

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